Thursday, October 03, 2013

Baseball - Playoffs...Do you care?

What has happened to the MLB?

Is it all the same as the last few years?

Has the start of the NHL and then NBA overshadowed the MLB?

Clearly the NFL rules, but the violence and head injuries are going to have a major effect on their future.

So where is Baseball today?

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

International Shipping! YES

                           Yes, we do ship internationally:     

We will ship all of our products listed on the ( except some odd size items ) site. 
International shipping is  expensive, but USPS is the least expensive choice.

The key is to buy as much as you need and then some. 
The initial package weight is the bulk of the expense. 
As you add more weight it becomes much more cost effective.

Sample shipping costs for      1lb                 OR                      25lbs - are listed below.

                                    11”X11”X11” Max Size         12” and larger length or width or height 
                                                                                      Max. 36" L, Max. Length + Girth 79"  

Belgium                                 $50                                          $133
Brazil                                      53                                            140
CanadaAlberta                    38                                            139
Mexico                                   45                                            108
South Africa                           53                                            181

  • 8 to 12 average business day delivery to major destinations.
  • Tracking available.
  • Priority Mail Express International provides, at no charge, $200 in insurance for items containing merchandise.
  • Additional merchandise insurance is available for a fee.
  • We are unable to mark the customs form 'Gift.'  it's against US law. The form will claim the contents as 'Merchandise," and the proper description like toploads etc.
  • Many countries charge fees, duties or taxes. These are your responsibility. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Dwightmare is now Rocket Man

Failure to Launch

Houston we have a problem...

Kid is all about himself....

Enjoy Houston, Dwightmare is just another coddled overrated ath-a-lete whose forgot to learn fundamentals.

Did not want to work with Kareem?

Thinks he is gonna learn the Dream Shake?

Dwightmare better learn to keep the ball above his head - period, the rest will follow.
He is gonna not win his way....

Lets see the Lakers win more games this year by subtraction .

Adios Dwightmare...Soap opera over....

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